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PDepositphotos_10612749_M.jpgutting the Pieces Together

The Leading Center for Technology Advancement (LCTA Group, L.L.C) was founded by investors with a belief that the adoption of high efficiency energy technologies is critical for our environment and to the growth and stability of small to mid-size businesses.  By utilizing our engineering, finance, business consulting, and corporate cost structure improvement backgrounds, the team at LCTA Group set out to develop a system that would increase the adoption rates of these technologies throughout the United States.

Our research indicates that several key factors in a business adopting new energy efficient technologies is the availability of capital and concern about the effectiveness of newer technologies. With this in mind, the Leading Center for Technology Advancement developed the Early Technology Adoption Plan or ETAP.

This system removes the major roadblocks to adoption by providing the capital required to acquire and install the technology with off balance sheet structure, a validation process to track the true capabilities of the new technologies and highlights the benefits for our clients, building owners, energy companies, and technology suppliers. With the Early Technology Adoption Plan (ETAP) we are able to assess the viability of technologies in the specific application and region of the country.

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